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        Nova Sports Cars Nova

        1972 to 1975 

        The Nova is probably the best known shape in the kit car world. Sold the world over it has a strong following. Around 180 were sold in the initial 3 year period of manufacturer at which time the company then went out of business and the Nova dropped off the radar for another 3 years, but quickly to be put in production again on and off pretty much up to the present day. 

        The Richard Oaks design was bold for it's day and the roof canopy caused a sensation. Initially based on a VW Beetle chassis and running gear and with a reputation of being solidly engineered. Power is generally from the VW Beetle engine but other fitments from Porsche to V8 have also been successfully tried. 

        Bodywork is fibreglass and whilst quality is not up to todays standards it was pretty good for 1972. A stunning shape in itself, the wow comes from the opening canopy, more often than not found to be hydraulically operated. The Nova still has a strong following today. 


        Nova Sports Cars - Nova picture gallery


        Nova - Nova Sports Cars. Nova with roof up


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        Clubs & Communities

        Club Nova / Avante
        Nova International

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