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        Trident Cars Venturer

        1966 to 1976 

        The reason the Trident Venturer bears a passing resemblance to early TVRs is because it was supposed to be a TVR. Designed by Fissore of Italy the Trident Venturer was destined for TVR showrooms but financial difficulties meant TVR went into liquidation and Viking Performance, a TVR distributor picked up the rights to the Trident design. Trident Cars Ltd was born. 

        The Venturer was the second model in the Trident range, following on from the Clipper, a V8 powered car using the same body as the Venturer. The Venturer was Ford Essex V6 powered on a lengthened Triumph TR6 chassis. 

        Fibreglass work was of very good quality, underpinnings were standard Triumph TR6. Production ceased in 1976, with the last incarnation of the Clipper hosting a 360cu inch V8 for good measure. 


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        Venturer - Trident Cars. Trident Venturer


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